About Me

About Me

"Well, basically...
It all started in 1988...when I was born. Then I got a little older. And a little more. And actually, I find I'm still getting older every day.

Seriously, though... If you're looking for a history lesson, pay attention 'cause it's not gonna last long: I was born in '88 in Mount Vernon, New York (which makes me...old) and lived in Rockland County for the next 18 years. I graduated from Nyack High School (good times...kinda) and then set out for Full Sail University (Winter Park, FL) the following fall. I proceeded to graduate in June '08 and now I'm employed in the games industry. Well, casino games industry...making video slot machine games. It's going well, and I still have some career plans...

At home I got a brother (Chris), born in '93, and Dad, who copied my first name, thus making me a "junior" (though he prefers "Michael" to "Mike," unlike me). My mom, Angela, passed away back in '03...which was rough, I'm not gonna lie, but...I still got a bunch of friends and family for whom I'm grateful.

Still with me? Good, good. So anyway...

                                   ...I'm just a guy...
Last I checked, I was 5'5", 142lbs., light brown hair, blue eyes, Taurus, straight, Italian on both sides, with 13% body fat, an I.Q. of 126 (which the exam said was good), a size 10-wide shoe, average-to-bad luck, an INFP/INFJ split on the Myers-Briggs personality test, and, according to a palm reading I got when I was a child, the probability of marrying late in life. (Personally I hope that reading was way off.)

Oh--I like chocolate (especially dark), a sense of humor (it's required), peaceful dinners (I can sorta cook), and long walks on the beach (it does wonders for your ankles).

                                                                           ...who likes stuff."
I haven't mentioned video games yet. Now, don't write me off as a nerdy geek. I may be geeky, but that's not video games' fault; that's just me. Games helped me get friends, pass time, and they're even what I studied in college. (Consequently, I happened to be a very focused, hard-working student.)

But too much of a good thing is, in fact, bad. I make sure I don't burn out on games by pursuing other hobbies. These include (but aren't limited to) writing, reading, drawing, singing and recording music, playing instruments (ever heard of an ocarina?), physical activity (like tennis), and just hanging out with friends with no particular aim in mind.

So as your accomplished gamer/game developer/artist/musician/writer who is also humble, I'd like to thank you for reading all this. For the curious types, below is a picture of me:


Yep. So go on and enjoy the rest of the site, and don't hesitate to drop me a line at for any particular reason.