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Welcome to, home of Mike Belotti. Thanks for dropping by! Here you'll find a collection of works, rants, and miscellany that I've produced in some form or another. I believe that if you want something done right, you gotta do it. So everything on this site, unless noted otherwise, is MINE (including the HTML itself). So if you like something, you know who to thank. Likewise, if you think something stinks, you know who to blame.

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Well If It Isn't Another Update...

December 13th, 2010

Yeah, I'm...sorry about that; I know it's not like me to disappear for almost a month... And, what's more: this'll probably be the only update this month. As if you haven't conditioned yourself to stop expecting updates so often!

No, no; I'm not giving up on the site. And I'm not getting lazy. (Well, lazier...) I've just been busy working on the new site: the new face of! I want it done for New Year's Day and...well, I might hit that deadline; we'll see. But yeah, things are gonna be more sleek and stylish and cool and simple and modern and easy and dynamic and elegant and interactive and interesting and streamlined and navigable and awesome, so needless to say I've been getting my hands dirty with some HTML, CSS, and even some Javascript.

Plus, I'm working some more on Ace of Space 2... Yeah... You know, Ace of Space 2; the sequel to Ace of Space, that I mentioned months ago and then seemingly neglected all this time (and, in fact, did). That Ace of Space 2... See, I just don't like posting about that with nothing to back it up; you'll just have to take my word for it. This is why I don't post as often: I have less to show and more to talk about. And who wants to hear me talk? You're here to see the stuff. Right?

I could do the iterative approach like my pal Naveen. He usually focuses on one game at a time on his blog, and then posts frequent updates of that game (usually every few days or so). You get to see the game evolve step-by-step... Why don't I do that? Well, I was going to with my Generic Breakout Clone...but I kinda stopped that...for now. I plan on going back to it. But, then, I plan to do a lot of things... But, yeah, I plan on going back to it. At some point.

So, anyway, Christmas... I personally hate Christmas shopping--HATE. I mean, I never know what anyone wants... And I never want anything... (Well, nothing you can really buy...except for my own house, or condo...but then I have to pay property taxes...which I can't afford...probably...yeah, try wrapping that and sticking it under a tree...that's what she said...)

And...alright, I think we're done here for now. I'll catch ya again somewhat soon.

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