About Me


Yep, that's right; art. Don't let my technical, computery background fool you; I'm quite capable of rendering some nice-looking visual art. However, something tells me that this site is as close to a museum as my art's gonna get. Maybe I'd look more legit wearing a purple beret and a paintbrush between my teeth.

Oh, and all those banner graphics that appear at the top of the page? Most of them are based on photos I took; then I just 'shopped on a site logo/slogan. Ah, Photoshop...

AP Art: Breadth
This is my Advanced Placement (AP) Art breadth portfolio. "Breadth" means that the works within are all kind of disjoint and random. They all have their own themes and styles. These were done during the first half of my senior year in high school.

AP Art: Concentration
This is my AP Art concentration portfolio. Unlike breadth, concentration pieces all have a unifying theme. The theme I chose was "sci-fi/fantastic inventions." These were done during the second half of my senior year in high school.

Texture Mashups
"Mashups" are the result of me taking most or all of a game's textures (the image files) and smushing them all into one picture. It's more of a "sum of all parts" thing, since the real art is in each of the images that make up the mashup. This is a collection of all of the games I've mashed up; all of the art is made by me unless otherwise noted.